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Sydney: Member to MVP!

Hi Fitfam! My name is Sydney if we haven’t met yet, come introduce yourself. I’m originally from Seattle but I went to school in Southern California  where my passion for group fitness began.  I moved back October ’18  and was eager to find my new FitFam. I found myself trying every group fitness studio in […]

Blended Pop-Up Coming Soon!

Hi Studio3! Can’t wait to share my passion with you all. Come shop our one of a kind pieces while you wait for your energizing fuel. Accommodating both women’s and men’s styles. Unique streetwear and workout gear will make sure you stand out and feel like a badass as you workout!

Why Frank Loves Cryotherapy!

Let’s talk Cryotherapy! I’m so happy to share my love of Cryotherapy. First of all, I’ve battled obesity all my life (Mommas good cooking) so I’ve had inflammatory issues and body pain growing up. Stepping into my twenties is when I started my fitness journey. I lost just around 60 lbs over the course of […]