New Formats and policies

HIIT the Bench is a 45-minute total body BURNER! This format is sure to take your strength training to the next level and will challenge your cardiovascular stamina. Functional Strength training is fused with HIIT plyometrics and calisthenics by incorporating bench work with dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight to effectively shape and strengthen your body. This class is non-stop motivated movement and is sure to leave you feeling strong, powerful and accomplished!


Cycle X Strength is a 60-minute cross training combo class! Get your heart pumping and sweat dripping on the bike for the first part of class. We will chase that beat, climb those hills, and charge those sprints! All levels welcome as we ride the dark (so come as you are and give it your ALL!) Then elevate your workout by lifting heavy and getting even more sweaty. This cycle and strength class… is the ULTIMATE Collab!


Cycle x Core is a 45-minute cardio and core blast. Whether you are a seasoned cyclist, or a newbie, we create classes that meet and challenge you exactly where you are! Low lights, loud music, and a FIRE instructor frees you to ride your heart out. After you achieve your cycle high, we guide you through a core blast for a complete workout

Heated Cycle x Core: Same as above under Inrfared Heat…Oh yea.

Shred: Our 45-minute Pilates-inspired TOTAL-BODY workout will take you through a variation of plyometrics, calisthenics, and endurance-based strength training. Shred is designed to lengthen, tone, and sculpt your muscles using resistance bands, dumbbells, and toning balls. Arms, core, legs and booty… prepare to feel the BURN!

Yoga Flow: 45-minute Vinyasa style flow is intelligently sequenced for all levels. We focus on building strength, flexibility, linking breath with movement, and releasing your mind from the stress of everyday life. Create a deeper connection between mind and body while surrounded by the sounds of R&B, Hip-Hop, and more inspiring beats in Vinyasa style.

New policies and procedures.

Entrance for all workouts/services will be through Blended Cafe

No more than (10) people per class with workout stations spaced accordingly

Showers and water fountains will be closed in current phase. (refillable available) 

Temperatures will be taken prior to the workout

Sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the facility including inside the workout rooms.

Upgraded Filters have been installed throughout the space to provide a safer environment.

Longer gaps between each class for deep cleaning of room and equipment 

Medical grade wipes will be provided inside each workout room. 

Mask are required at all times except while eating, during a recovery session, or working out. 

No mat rentals during this phase. You must bring a mat every class regardless of room! 

Client Intake Mandatory  prior to class- *coming soon*

No admittance to class after the scheduled class has begun. You must be early for safety temperature check and class check-in.

***All previous memberships are still on hold during this time.

We are unable to honor any previous membership pricing until the

governor allows gyms to operate at full capacity.