Sydney: Member to MVP!

Hi Fitfam! My name is Sydney if we haven’t met yet, come introduce yourself. I’m originally from Seattle but I went to school in Southern California  where my passion for group fitness began.  I moved back October ’18  and was eager to find my new FitFam. I found myself trying every group fitness studio in Seattle…tirelessly. My sister Mikaela lived across the street from Studio 3, and was trying to get me to sign up for their free trial.  My first class at Studio3 was Strength with Moses, and did not fall short of amazing. When taking group classes I always look for something challenging, team-oriented, and fun. Studio 3 of course met all my requirements, and I knew found my tribe. There is something about finding a community of like-minded individuals that makes working out that much better and meaningful.

Together, Mikaela and I became Studio 3 members and fell in love with the workouts, the community, and the team. There was something different about the Studio 3 team, they were all so close, had so much fun doing what they do, and really cared for their members. Soon after becoming a member, I realized I wanted to be part of the family. I spoke with Rachel and expressed my interest in becoming apart of the family and a trainer at Studio 3. So here I am about 6-months after joining the fam and I am BEYOND grateful to be here. This family will do anything for each other, for their members, and I truly believe there is no place like Studio 3.

Hope to see you around the studio!

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