Why Frank Loves Cryotherapy!

Let’s talk Cryotherapy! I’m so happy to share my love of Cryotherapy. First of all, I’ve battled obesity all my life (Mommas good cooking) so I’ve had inflammatory issues and body pain growing up.
Stepping into my twenties is when I started my fitness journey. I lost just around 60 lbs over the course of a year. Crazy right?! Weight did fluctuate over the years but then I got pretty serious about my journey in my late twenties. I started pushing my body to the point where I’d be sore for days and was too stubborn to slow down. I was introduced to Cryotherapy last year by my dear friend Kyle Anderson. I didn’t believe that I was going to step into a space that was -120…. But after my first session I was hooked.
I felt a huge rush of energy, I had zero back pain and my knees felt great. I developed a routine and have been able to maintain Cryotherapy every day. I’m able to recover quicker and do multiple workouts in a day without much or no downtime. So excited to continue my journey with proper recovery!

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